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Testimonial Video Production in Bath, Bristol & the South West

Testimonial films, or case studies, provide transparency and authenticity to your audience. It’s an opportunity for a genuinely satisfied customer to reinforce your sales points and endorse your brand or organisation.

We weave a logical narrative within our testimonial films – taking the viewer on a journey by establishing the interviewee’s needs, how the client met them, what the working relationship was like, what the results were and above all, what values the client possesses that makes them unique.

For some customer interviewees, this will be the first time they have appeared on camera, and our empathetic and friendly team will prioritise relaxing them and helping them communicate effectively. We love eeking out genuine and powerful soundbites that help to bring the story to vibrant life.

How we create a Testimonial Video in 3 steps

Symbol representing pre-production

Pre Production

We always take our time to understand the client’s business to help plan the shoot. As well as a well-composed interview, what else can we film on the day to make the film as visually engaging as possible and give the viewer a real sense of the client’s work?

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Here it is a case of making the interviewees feel as relaxed as possible, as well as quickly getting to the heart of the story – illuminating why the business is unique and has gone the extra mile for the client.

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Post Production

Our editors always take time to cut out even the smallest ‘ums’, pauses or fluffs, and this attention to detail creates a much more persuasive presentation. Any edit points can easily be smoothed over with additional, relevant B roll shots of the clients’ premises or footage of them at work, creating a seamless, professional end result.

Latest Testimonial Videos

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Bath video company filming an interview

Since we started using Octopus Films, we have not looked back. Their professionalism and ability to ease interviewees into the recordings have produced first-class content suitable for our selective audience of many of the FTSE 500.

Mike Smart

Senior Operations Officer, NelsonHall