Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine

To produce a 30 second TV advertisement for Sky Adsmart

Octopus has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with BCRM (live-event filming, testimonials and vlogs), so we were their first choice to produce a professional, empathetic and effective film to showcase their high level of expertise and encourage enquiries.

Our approach
Rather than using actors or voiceover artists, BCRM felt that staff and genuine clients would provide a more authentic screen experience. As well as reducing production costs, this helped to show the real faces behind the clinic.

Meticulous planning helped us meet the Clearcast criteria quickly and efficiently. The requirements included;

  • substantiation for all points covered in the script and storyboard
  • providing documentation to support the staff’s experience
  • supplying technical data as evidence of BCRM’s high success rate.

Although ‘scaled down’, with a relatively small crew for a TV ad, Octopus was able to produce a sleek and persuasive campaign at a very competitive budget.

Production breakdown

  • Days work per film: 5 days pre-production, 1-day shoot, 1-day edit.
  • Crew: Director, Producer, Camera Op, Sound Op
  • Budget guide: £4,200 plus VAT